We are the Szabo Family. Three generations united by the same idea. We built for eachother, we are continuously searching the hidden beauty of things. We cherrish the rules of the simple life. Always at the forefront. Always mindful! And when the colors and the textures of the past generations meet the progress, life turns out to be simple, good and beautiful. We are three generations who have worked hard and with commitment.

Our roots go deep into the Romanian territory. From our maternal grandmother, we have the dignity and the cleanliness. We still serve th eggs in cornflower for breakfast, just like she did. We keep her ia, the traditional Romanian garment, in the Traditional Room. As if we have our heart in the old netting. We learned from them what it means to work really hard.


We have a duty to inspire and work for those who come. We built, we gathered, we changed, we planned. Always searching for the next big challenge!

We learned from grandfather Joseph to take care of those who come. He did so with his grandson. From the Northern side of the family, we know what it means to work sublimely. The Transylvanian pace.


We pass on the dignity, the hard work, the hidden beauty of things, the identity. We receive gratitude, beauty and the same search.

Virginia, Sorin and Horia Szabo, at your service,


doamna szabo conac archia

When you graduate Politehnica at Cluj, meaning you will be a mechanical engineer and play first division basketball, you know your life will be full of dynamism. After 9 years at a state institution, business came first: the first real challenge. From textile mills where I coordinated and organized 1200 employees, I turneed to tourism. I took seriously my passion for collecting old objects and immersed myself totally in building and developing the mansion. Always ready for a new challenge! I welcome you at Archia!
Virginia Szabo, at your service,

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Tennis and the Mining Institute Petrosani. Retail and textile factories! Presently, the Szabo domanins and the tennis club. 30 years in a few words. Otherwise, a lot of work. Sprinkled with time among horses, hills and sometimes, with extreme pleasure, a game of tennis.
Sorin Szabo, at your service,

horia szabo conac archia

There is a saying – #MomentsNOTthings!
Always learning, never resting. Dynamic, socialite and sports aficionado.
BA in Marketing, MA in Business Administration, basketball played in the First division in Romania and the continuous exercise with myself to classes and seminars throughout the world. Public speaking and organizing events are the key points of my evolution. But beyond them, there are hundreds of #memoments and people in my life!
Always chasing the vision.

Horia Szabo, at your service,