We built concentrically. We wanted something small. It always turned out big! In ’94 -’95 we purchased some land at Archia. I did not even know where it was. I went once and I said to myself “this is the last time I’ll set my foot there!”. However, the Universe had other plans. And everything came naturally. It all began with the River Vila and the horse Larava. Proud and beautiful. The manege. Too big, again. Other plans. Other vision. We built concentrically. We wanted something small. It always turned out big!

The furniture and the intuition

Since the early 90s, I bought furniture but without a precise plan. Now I look around and I know exactly where I got the pendulum from th erestaurant or the storefront next to the bar. I liked objects because I felt a certain duty to highlight them and to reveal their hidden beauty. Other than the initial one.

The Archia mansion, the first concept. We changed the vibration of the land

This is how it all began. When seeing the initial yard with 10 rooms, a library and a conference room, I said to myself: this is huge! And than I asked myself: who are we and who is going to come to Archia?

The herald rooms, the place of the contemporary aristocrat

Those resembling us. The searchers. People inspired by the nature, by the sun, by the hills and by the summerish flowers. So we took the next step. We built the herald rooms. I wanted them to be perfect in every single detail. In the drawings, in the marble from the bathrooms, in the mirrors, in the temperature. The poppies, the wildflowers field, the horses, the riding, the sun flowers and the leaves, the lavender and the dovecot, the hunting and the Traditional Romanian, the pond and the dandelion room. Heraldry inspired by nature. It was hard. The confirmation that we did the right thing came later. When we moved to Archia.

The attic, the spirit of the contemporary aristocrat

The mansion grew naturally. It charmed us. And, naturally, we built it similar to the surroundings. You will recognize the flowers, the trees, the animals in the herald rooms.
We worked just like our ancestors when building downstairs, we planned just like our generation when arriving at the first floor and we improvised just like Horia’s generaation when reaching the attic.
Aesthetic and useful. The marble from the bathroom has the tree ribbs, the colors of wild flowers, the purple Provençal shades or dove textured puff.

The domain, the extension of the contemporary aristocrat

The domain reaches nowadays 10 ha. And it opens towards all beautiful place in Transylvania. The manege, the stables, the pool, the wedding pavilions, “The Şpaiţ”, wifi, the parking included, they all mean Archia.

ArchiaXperience. For the contemporary aristocracy

From top to bottom. The Mansion resembles to a canvas. It has colors and textures from three generations and ceaselessly paints itself under our own eyes. We have chosen with pur souls and we continuously recovered landscapes, objects, feelings. And brought it nowadays.

Simply aware
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