Over the years, we developped at Archia an integrated and fully functional platform adressing the needs of #theContemporaryAristocrat, in terms of corporate events. We are here to facilitate organizing any kind of corporate activity, ready for new challenges and armed with lots of ideas!


We put at your disposalExtraImprovementsSuitable forActivities
  • 1 pavilion with capacity up to 100 people (200 square feet)
  • 1 pavilion with capacity up to 200 people (400 square feet)
  • 1 pavilion with capacity up to 350 people (600 square feet)
  • Team-buildings
  • video projector
  • projection screen fixed or movable
  • flipchart
  • wireless internet
  • air conditioning
  • amphitheater
  • council table
  • individual tables
  • business meetings
  • team-buildings
  • trainings
  • product launch
  • other business activities
  • Campfire
  • Traditional romanian dinner at our sheepfold
  • Carriage or sleigh rides
  • Riding, horseback expeditions in nature
  • Themed parties: ’40, Great Gatsby Party, Pool parties, etc.
  • Treasure hunt (let’s find together Decebal’s treasure)
  • Organized field trips: Country Haţegului, Sarmizegetusa Fortress Deva, gold mine at Rosia
  • We are open to suggestions