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Romantic, insane, classy, discreet, only with the close ones, while baptising your child, traditional, rustic, chic, outdoors, on heels or sneakers, for the electro music listeners or classical afficionados, popular dishes or wine, fruit or cheese gourmet, we are ready for any challenge!


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Work hard, party hard, #contemporaryAristocrats! We created Tailored parties to pump extrafun in your lives! Baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries or the typical night out with friends. You name it, we do it! #archiaXperience stands for gathering with #yourFriends at the mansion and live the moment!


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Over the years, we developped at Archia an integrated and fully functional platform adressing the needs of #theContemporaryAristocrat, in terms of corporate events. We are here to organise any kind of corporate activity, ready for new challenges and armed with lots of ideas!


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